Friday, May 18, 2007

Special Links for Special Parents taking care of Special Kids

I'm planning to accumulate a set of links specifically for parents of children with special needs. They will not be comprehensive, but rather skewed towards the special needs of F1-2. To begin with, a website with slideshows that children can go through by pressing the spacebar, clicking the mouse or touching the touchscreen. Last December my parents got F1-2 his own touchscreen here. He has shown limited interest in the screen, but that may be because we had little of interest to him on the computer. I had made up some slideshows for him myself with different shapes and colors, but he seemed more interested in pushing the buttons on the monitor to adjust monitor settings than the fancy touchscreen. On advice from his speech therapist, we recently got F1-2 software called Kidspiration. I'm meeting with the therapist next week to see how we can use it to improve his communication skills. More links will be added as I come across them.

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