Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hopeless romantic?

This morning I was inspired by Cuttlefish. I suppose that makes me a hopeless romantic too. Oh well, so be it.

I met this guy when I joined a friend at a meeting of her favorite student organization. My divorce had just been finalized, as in: that morning. I wouldn't have noticed him if he had done a hundred cartwheels wearing a worn pink polka dot shirt.

Six months later we were at a party organized by the same student organization. He was standing next to someone else, halfway across the room. Our eyes locked, and we haven't been apart ever since. Going on 10 years now.

He insists that he did notice me the first time we met, and I wasn't wearing a pink polka dot shirt either. I just wasn't ready then. But I was half a year later. The rest is history.

To date, when I sit across from him, I still look for the twinkle in his eyes that did it for me. It's there. I just noticed it again yesterday.