Sunday, March 6, 2011


On ScienceFriday (February 18, 2011)

Nina Federoff:
“You know the biggest problem is that those of us who love science and who do it as a way of life are most persuaded by something we call the weight of the evidence. But for somebody who [..] doesn’t have a science background, sometimes they think this is just another point of view. It’s very had to bridge that gap.”

Ira Flatow:
“[..] science is increasingly just becoming a matter of opinion”

NF: “Yes, and frankly it isn’t. And how you communicate the notion that after a certain point the countervailing opinion doesn’t matter is a real challenge to all of us scientists.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So who is responsible?

Aha!! I have a reason to write a blog post!! Are you sitting down? Do you have a fire extinguisher ready?

On the news I heard that a child pornographer had been caught. Good news, right? But wait.... the sheriff of the county in question explains how to limit incidences of child pornography. He explains that it's really important for children to live in close-knit, loving, caring families, so that they have no reason to seek close relationships with strangers such a pornographers.

I suppose the kids were to blame all along! They forced themselves onto the pornographer, and the poor soul simply did what came naturally to him.

Twice. I heard this report twice on the radio. I'm still fuming. I may never calm down again.