Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On the playground

F1-3 talked about her day at "school" last week. School means daycare.

F1-3: We played at the swings today.
Makita: Oh. Was that fun?
F1-3: Yeah, we were pushing each other and talking and laughing.
Makita: What were you talking about?
F1-3: Joey was using potty-words. That's not allowed in my school. But he was doing it anyway, and it was very funny. So we were laughing.

Typical. She's knows it's not allowed. But if it's funny, who's to stop her?

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Nawal said...

She knows its not allowed, but finds it funny. Ha ha. Well, the fact that she is open with Mom, and talks about her day is a good sign. Hopefully, the potty words won't stick. :)