Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long weekend

Whereas other bloggers may have used the long weekend to catch up on some blogging, yours truly kicked into high gear and worked around the house. I got one side of a door painted, and both sides of another. I rearranged the playroom which had been used as sort of an storage area during construction. It is now fit to be a playroom again. The VCR meant for that room choose this weekend to die and go where dead VCR's go, so we got a VCR-DVD recorder combo to replace it. Yeah, why not go all out while we're at it. The kids, especially F1-2 is very pleased with renewed access to his favorite room in the house, with true entertainment at his disposal. I also, primed F1-3's room to cover up the paint, and layered two coats of bright yellow on top of it. After all, she is m sunshine :-)

During the painting process I did not bother to cover up the carpet. We were planning to rip it up in a few weeks anyway. But I had not expected to tip over the bucket of yellow paint on top of it. But that is exactly what I did yesterday. Oops! And there went the bucket, and the carpet. Oh well, time for drastic measures. I looked at the clock: 11 am. Plenty of time left in the day. I ripped up the carpet and the padding. I removed the tack strips, vacuumed the floor, got the concrete patch, patched the holes, and took a break for lunch. During lunch the concrete patch could dry, and after lunch I put down plastic sheeting to form the moisture block and started laying the laminate flooring we've had stocked up for a couple of months now. By 7 pm, I was done. Mostly, anyway. I still have a tiny little strip to do at on end of the room, but it takes a lot longer to cut the planks length-wise, and it was getting kinda late. Then I move F1-3's bed into the room, which up till then had been her big brother's.

So in less than a day I put on a layer of paint in her room and the flooring and swapped the kids from their bedrooms. Not bad, eh? I still have to put the finishing touches to her room, but it should be all done by tonight, or at the very latest tomorrow night.


knobody said...

dayum! i feel accomplished to just have done two and a half loads of laundry.

coffeeeeeeeeee....you need coffffffeeeeeeeee

makita said...

I suppose I should have added then that I also did 6 loads of laundry on the weekend. Agreed, I definitely do need coffee. Now if the day had about 48 hours I might be able to squeeze it in.