Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sibling rivalry

Saturday morning in our household. F1-3 says she doesn't want to eat her porridge. But the twinkle in her eyes tells me she's just teasing me, to see how far she can push me.

makita: F1-3, do you want another spoonful of porridge?
F1-3: Noooooo!!
makita: Are you sure?
F1-3: Noooooo!! (She means "yes" but "no" is one of her favorite words right now)
makita: Ok, never mind, mama is going to take it away if you don't want it.
(Mama starts to walk away with the bowl of porridge)
F1-3: No mama! Eden!! (Eden means "eat")

Two bites later she rejects the porridge again.
makita: F1-3, are you done?
F1-3: Yeah!!
makita: Ok, well I guess I'll just give it to F1-2 then. I'm sure he would love to have some more.
F1-3: Nooooo!!
And she proceeds to empty the entire bowl without further struggle.

1-0 for makita (thanks to sibling rivalry)

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