Monday, October 1, 2007

Shorter shopping list

Big step this weekend! It looks like I may not be adding diapers to my shopping list quite as frequently anymore. Saturday morning 5 am, F1-3 woke up and was calling insistently for me, and she kept on saying "baddy." Not knowing what the heck she was talking about, I let her lead me to ...the bathroom. And indeed, after successful use of the bathroom, I put regular underwear on her, and she stayed dry virtually the entire weekend, with a couple of mishaps, more a timing problem than anything else. I did put diapers on her for her naps and at night, but I think the nap diapers are going to disappear soon, since they are often dry afterwards. She went in underwear to daycare today, I'm hoping the success will extend to daycare. Congratulations F1-3, great job!!

P.S. "Baddy" obviously means "potty." How could I not have picked up on that?


knobody said...

woo hoo!

and so jealous, but i'm not gonna do anything about it until she's well again.

makita said...

Hi there!
Sorry she's still not 100%. F1-3 has had a fever on and off foe the past few days too, but it did not seem to affect her good spirits.