Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Everything and more

Today I'm Superwoman. I do everything and more. This morning I got up early, and painted the south wall of my living room, I got three kids ready, and we left the house on time. F1-1 was dropped off at school on time, with his homework finished and checked, F1-3 was dropped off at daycare, received all the hugs she wanted, and I took F1-2 to therapy, we were actually 3 minutes early. Not a bad start of the day eh?

I already had a nice talk with my adviser this morning, which reminded me of how lucky I am to work for him. What a nice, decent human being. And not a bad researcher at that either.

I already did the PCR reactions I was supposed to do to sequence a tiny part of my favorite fungus' genome. I just got back from a lunch with someone who used to work in our building and has left for greener pastures. He helped me troubleshoot an electrical problem I'm having at home, and a problem I had connecting to my server share at the department. Now I'm off to the greenhouse to harvest the rest of my experiment.

All things considered not a bad day at all in terms of productivity. Not bad. I deserve a pat on the back [[reaches back and pats herself on the back]]. I wish everyone a great day!


ScienceWoman said...

Wow. That's a pretty amazingly productive day. You are getting another (virtual) pat on the back from me.

knobody said...

i'm tired just reading about it. i'd pat you on the back, but i'm likely to fall asleep leaning on your back, and then you would have to move away and i'd fall over sideways and hit my head on the floor, and then i'd need the boo boo bear, and....where was i? oh yeah, i'm tired just reading about it.

p.s. lunch tomorrow won't work unless it's extra late. i have a meeting in the morning, then have to get el a nap somewhere before i go help move a 200 lb tv at 12:30. sucks, but it's just when people were available. after about 1:30 i'm free, tho.

EcoGeoFemme said...