Monday, December 10, 2007

My gift

Last week I got my gift from Sciencewoman in the mail. Thank you Sciencewoman. I really enjoy reading blog, you're a true superhero. And then to get a gift, is a nice bonus.

To add to the excitement, the gift has an interesting story too, which I would like to share.

The bookmark was made out of recycled junk mail, with a cancelled stamp from Benin, by another female science blogger (woohoo!). She also has her own online crafts store: Recycled Ideas, where everything is made out of recycled material. This is a great way to find gifts to show you're giving in an environmentally friendly way.

Thank you Sciencewoman, what a great and thoughtful gift. Now if only could find time to read a book to use the bookmark with. I suppose for now, it'll have to be put to work in scientific papers.


ScienceWoman said...

glad you liked it!

Field Notes said...

I'm also glad you liked it! And, thanks for the plug :)