Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm not expressing my true feelings here!

As Coturnix and Mike O'Risal did, I checked my blog with the cuss-o-meter. How could I possible have come up with 0%?

Of course, the website that does this, is simply trying to get traffic for an online dating website. Which is why I'm not pasting the picture here. You'll just have to believe me when I say my score was 0%.

Anyway, if this is true, I'm not doing a good job. This blog is precisely so that I can cuss at the world as much as I want, and the world can read about it if they are so inclined.

Cuss-related anecdote:

When I first got to the US, I noticed within a few weeks that my level of cussing increased dramatically from what it was just a few weeks before back home. Nobody here understood what I was saying anyway, so if I just kept the tone even enough, I could say what I wanted, and I sure did so. Moreover, I'm familiar with a language that is perfect for expressing strong feelings (both good and bad), for which I find English quite inadequate. It was very satisfying to express myself, even though that would have been considered inappropriate at home.

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