Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The mysterious ways of Jesus

According to Mike O'Risal every few weeks somebody spots Jesus somewhere, and the image ends up on Ebay. What he doesn't realize, is that this is how Jesus helps his faithful followers. This is just his way of making sure that they get adequately rewarded for recognizing his holy image. And sometimes even those who don't believe in him! I wonder how that works. If you don't believe in Jesus, how can you be convinced he's the peeping tom?


CAE said...

Funny you should mention this today, there was a similar item on our local news this morning. The anchors were laughing at the guy who claims he will never clean his shower stall again!

makita said...

Yuck!! I guess prayer rooms don't need cleaning. If you want to see Jesus, you can see him anywhere. Why bother us with this nonsense. Close your eyes, see Jesus, and keep him to yourself already.

ScienceGirl said...