Friday, May 23, 2008

Shocker of the day

My boss has been really busy lately. I just figured there was another grant proposal deadline coming up. He's been hiding in his office, keeping the door closed and such. Finally he crawled out yesterday and called a lab meeting for today. To break the news: he's leaving! As in, he's quitting his job and moving to greener pastures. In 3 months! I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you.

I may have mentioned this before, but my adviser is just the nicest, most decent human being, and he certainly deserves good things happening to him. I suppose this is a good thing for him. And I've really tried very hard to show my support for him, and to wish him luck in his endeavors. I've tried not to be selfish, but the truth is: I'm worried sick.

He has done some of his homework already and he has lined up alternate advisers and placement for his students. He has another adviser in mind for me, and under the circumstances, I think I agree with his choice. I have to think it over, and talk some more to him about this. For now, I'm going back to being shocked!


CAE said...

Wow. I'm glad he's already thought about what will happen to his lab. Is there any chance you could go with him instead?

My PhD lab had a nervous couple of weeks in which we were sure our boss was interviewing in other cities. It turned out he wasn't, but the rumour panic went on for another few weeks anyway!

makita said...

I can't go with him. He is moving several states away, and I have my family here to think of. P1 and I have done the long-distance thing for a number of years, but with 3 kids it's almost impossible.

My adviser was surprised that we hadn't heard any of the rumors. This came as lightning out of a clear blue sky for me. It was a total shock.