Monday, January 21, 2008

Some like it hot...

The weather that is. And although I can certainly relate, it never fails to amaze me that our microwave refuses to offer services when it's cold. The number pad simply does not respond to our insistent prying and prodding. Trust me, I tried. This morning was no exception. The very appliance that is supposed to heat my milk in the morning so that I can be warm and fuzzy (not to mention, less hungry), simply refuses to work until the temperature in the house rises to a more acceptable level. The last time this happened I had to wait for about an hour (with frequent pressing of numbers on the instrument), and finally the number 7 worked. So I put my mug with milk in, hit 7:77, then waited until 6:22 to take my milk out. Everybody else's heating activities could then be continued by counting down from 6:22. By the time the 8 minutes had been used up, the microwave had heated up enough for the other numbers to work too. One day, I promise you, we'll be able to afford a microwave that is not exclusively functional in the tropics.

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