Thursday, February 14, 2008


It is distracting to read this on the morning that I am supposed to prepare for my oral qualifying exams. Yes, I know, I should read my written exams instead of atheist blogs, but they are the oasis of reason in this world of religious extremism, so I need my daily fix of sanity.

The Friendly Atheist helps spread the tale of the woman who was not allowed to be the referee in the men's basketball game, because a woman can not be put in a position of authority over boys because of the academy's believes. Un-effing-believable. Do they know it's the 21st century? I hope she sues the pants off of them. I'm not at all in favor of frivolous lawsuits, but this stupidity will only stop when the perpetrators are reached where it hurts them... in their bank accounts.

So much for my fix of sanity this morning.

Note added later: Apparently the woman in question has been thoroughly brainwashed by her old-fashioned institution. According to Fox News she has said that she is not angry at her school, and does not wish to take the matter any further. This is why change is so slow. Compliance to insanity does not improve changes of insanity going anywhere anytime soon.

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