Friday, February 1, 2008

Support science! Sign the petition

The Florida State Board of Education is about to adopt new science standards. Within Florida a number of school boards have passed resolutions demanding that the standards be altered in such a fashion as to allow "alternative theories" to evolution to be taught. Brandon at the blog for Florida Citizens for Science has done a fabulous job keeping track of all the board resolutions in the state and Panda's Thumb has a map showing the school boards that have passed resolutions or are in the process of doing so. What is depressing is that only 1 (!) school board has actually passed a resolution in support of science. Cheers for Brevard County.

There is now a petition up at Florida Citizens for Science for anyone to sign, which will be sent to the State Board of Education. So head on over there and stand tall in support of science!


CAE said...

Hello! Did you ever get my email about Vancouver? I sent it a while ago and I just wanted to make sure it didn't get hung up in your spam filter, since your initial email to me was lurking in my spam folder!

makita said...

I got it, just got really, really busy. I know it's no excuse. I will respond soon though. After Thursday, when things hopefully settle down.

CAE said...

No worries, I realise you're in the middle of exams, just wanted to make sure you'd got it!