Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shuffle meme

Links added!! Like CAE I think I'm going to have to give more clues, it looks like my musical choice is too uncommon. But I still think that even the songs in Spanish should be recognizable by most people with some interest in latin music. Clues in RED.

I was tagged by CAE for the shuffle meme. She's tagged me a few times before, and no matter how much I promised I would do, I always postponed it, until I never did it. This time I'd better do it right away, with some necessary caveats. If nothing else, this post should demonstrate how eclectic my music collection is, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike through when someone gets them right. (I'll do bold)
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING.

1. Since I don't have my iPod with me, I'm using iTunes in shuffle mode.
2. At first I was going to skip all non-English songs, but that made it almost impossible, since so much of what I listen to is not in English. I did have to draw the line somewhere, but I left some in. Good luck on those, it will be a fairly select crowd that can guess those. For #14 and 20, I had to actually look up the lyrics. I don't sing them, I dance them.

So here we go:
1. Gun down cold on a raw deal, home turf my battlefield.
This heavy metal band was one of my brother's favorite. It's a very intense song about the waste of young people being sent off to war.

2. You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
3. Stuck on you, got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose

4. Te regalo una rosa la encontre en el camino.
One of my favorite latin artists. This song was a HUGE hit in the eighties. He is originally from the Dominican Republic.

5. There is a rose in Spanish Harlem, a red rose up in Spanish Harlem.

6. Bomba! Un movimiento sensual.
Definitely a song to dance very provocatively to. I'm looking forward to link to the YouTube version of this song once it's been guessed. Multiple artists, anyone will be excepted.

7. Del caribe aflora, bella, encantadora.
Ok, I admit, there is no way I would have been able to guess this one myself. It's about a city in Colombia. Again, very popular and danceable.

8. Por alto esta el cielo del mundo.
Multiple artists have performed this, any one of which is acceptable. It's somewhat of a classic ballad.

9. Is this the real life, is this just fantasy

10. No hay dia que pase que yo no me acuerde de ti.
This artist is a popular singer/songwriter, originally from New York, but his parents were Puerto Rican. He used to be married to a former miss Universe, and is currently married to a popular female singer, and they recently enlarged the number in their household.

11. Toen ik van de week je brief kreeg na een lange tijd.
This is a song in Dutch, and it is unlikely that anyone visiting this blog would guess it, except those from a handful of countries.

12. Tu vida se parece a una novela.
This song is my favorite song from my all-time favorite Colombian band. They are very popular, but mainly because of some of their older songs. I dont know of any very recent songs that are so popular.

13. Let me tell you now all that's on my mind.
There is another song on this list by the same artist, and that song has been guessed correctly already. He was very popular in the 80s, you don't hear much of him these days, but a close relative of him is often in the tabloids.

14. Kijan zot fe m'pa ka kompran zot ka viv kon si pa ni pwoblem.
I had to look these lyrics up, because I didn't know how to pronounce or spell them. The group that performed this song is from the Caribbean and has defined the genre (I think). This song was wildly popular in the 80s, and describes how the genre is the medicine everyone needs (or something like that).

15. Man it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun

16. Old pirates, yes, they rob I; sold I to the merchant ships.
Come on!! How could no one get this one? Very popular artist from the Caribbean, sadly diseased. He definitely represents the genre, and made it popular worldwide. A lot of songs had messages criticizing world politics, anti-war, anti-discrimination.

17. Joseph's face was black as the night Sorry, I couldn't find a good video of the original with Linda Ronstadt, this version is live with Miriam Makeba.

18. Procura seducirme muy despacio.
The artist that sings this song split of from the band that performed #4. He may not be quite as well known as the original band, but most people listening to latin music are likely to have heard this one. Great beat, my fingers itch to link to the YouTube video.

19. In the sunlight of your smile, in the summer of our life.
There are both a Spanish and English version of this song, it is part of a soundtrack. The movie is about two men from Cuba who move to New York (?), one of which is madly in love with a woman who stayed behind.

20. Takmis koluna elin adamini.
I had to look up these lyrics too. I don't know the words, or how to pronounce them. It is a Turkish song, nice beat. The artist makes kissing sounds in the song.

21. Acordate Moralito de aquel dia que estuviste en Urumita y no quisiste hacer parranda.
Folksy song from Colombia, nice beat. The artist is from Northern Colombia and his songs reflect the genres that originated there. This song is one of his more popular ones.

22. If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one.
The artist is from England (come on CAE, you can do it!), and the band he was part of was very popular too. This solo song was released in the mid-late 80s.

23. Without dreams of hope and pride a man will die.
The artist had a very popular album in the late 70s. His genre is jazz. According to Wikipedia he has released more than 30 albums since 1960.

24. When the lights go down in the city
25. Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven

Tags: If you read this, you have a blog, and you haven't done this meme before, consider yourself tagged. But don't feel pressured, I won't hold it against you if you don't do this. I can't be too judgmental, considering I don't do memes too often myself.


CAE said...

The good thing about this meme is that it's really fun!

#2 is Dancing Queen by Abba
#9 is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
#17 is Under African Skies by Paul Simon (I think that's the name of the's on Graceland anyway)
#25 is Knocking on Heaven's Door by Eric Clapton

I have absolutely no idea on the others!

makita said...

Good job!
#2 correct
#9 correct
#17 correct (isn't funny how we both had a song from Graceland?)
#25 Artist correct, name of the song not. I'll leave it in regular font until someone gets the name of the song right.

CAE said...

Ooh, don't know what I was thinking there! I think it's "tears in heaven". I had one word right anyway!

makita said...

Now it's good!

ScienceWoman said...

15. Smooth by Santana

The other ones I had a shot at cae already guessed.

makita said...

Right, Sciencewoman. I realized that my varied music collection would be a challenge for any one person.

Anonymous said...

#24 is Lights by Journey

I wish I knew more of them.

makita said...

Well done anonymous! #24 is correct. I'm surprised it took so long. Now I know some of these are tough, but how come no one has guessed #3, #13, or #16 yet.

Canada said...

#3 - Stuck On You by Lionel Richie.

I'm currently obsessed with this meme and I started at Luckybuzz and have linked my way here. :)

makita said...

Welcome Canada! #3 is correct. Well done.

CAE said...

Aargh I still don't know! Based on your clues I'm guessing that #22 is Sting???? And #13 must be Lionel Richie, but I don't know the song... sorry!

I have to confess I'm not really in to Latin and other world music. Sad, I know...

makita said...

We're getting there. Yes, #22 is Sting, and #13 is indeed Lionel Richie.

You know, maybe one thing this meme will do is introduce people to new genres of interesting music. Latin music is beautiful, provocative, and often has a great beat. I normally don't understand what the heck I'm listening or dancing to, but who cares!

CAE said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing the videos of the ones I didn't get!

CAE said...

p.s. I've been thinking about the Sting song on my way in to work. Is it Russians? Or I hope the Russians love their children too, or whatever it's called?

makita said...

Sorry, not Russians. The song in question was released a couple of years later than Russians. You're getting warmer though. I don't know exactly how long I'm going to wait before I put up the answers. At least another week I guess, or by the time the post gets pushed off the first page because of other posts. But I've already found YouTube links for all of them (some are partial, but it was all there was).

CAE said...

I'll be giving answers on Friday - a week after the original post. Hopefully people will be all chilled out and want to watch some videos!

Anonymous said...

I think #5 is Spanish Harlem and one of the many who sang is was Tom Jones.

makita said...

Hi Anonymous,
You are, of course, correct. Spanish Harlem is the name of the song, and Tom Jones is one of the artists that sang it. Ben E. King, and Aretha Franklin did versions of it. The version I was listening to is by Rebecca Pidgeon.