Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That t-shirt is the wrong color!

When PZ posted this link, and I clicked on it, the title of this post is the first thought that came to my mind.

The guy in the cartoon looks way too much like Steve Burns in Blue's Clues (ask me how I know). The green-striped shirt is a dead giveaway. The only thing is, although Steve is kinda goofy, and he doesn't usually find the clues first, he strikes me as a very logical guy, a good scientist.

Picture credit

Steve patiently collects his data (the clues), doing all sorts of smart things while collecting the data (like counting to 10, matching shapes, recognizing colors). He takes careful notes in his handy-dandy notebook, writing down each clue (a good notebook is the scientist's bible). And then he sits down in his thinking chair and carefully analyzes the data: he thinks, thinks, thihihinks!!. He uses his mind, takes it one step at a time, and collaborates with subject matter experts (pre-schoolers) to figure out what the clues mean, and what Blue wants to do. And when he doesn't feel well, he concludes that eating Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's vegetable soup will make him feel better, which seems much more intellectually sound to me, if not tastier, than prayer.

Steve's got this scientific thinking thing worked out much better than the guy in the cartoon. I propose to change the shirt color on the guy in the cartoon. It doesn't reflect well on Steve. And Steve is my son's hero. We demand Steve's name be cleared!