Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Next round

Hi everyone!!
I'm still alive. Barely.

It took several sleepless nights, and some cajoling to make the first submission deadline, but I made it. My adviser made it very, very clear though, that this is all contingent on my next experiment (which is in progress) giving the right results. So keep your fingers crossed. These plants are alive, and they do have a mind of their own. I'm coming up today for a quick gasp of air, before going back under for the next stretch of deadlines to meet.

I have to work on the experiment, analyze some more data of previously harvested experiments, revise the chapters so that they're in good enough shape to be submitted to the rest of my committee. I also have to start working on applying for a change in immigration status, and pay whopping fee. If I fail to graduate on time, I can withdraw that application, and re-apply at a later date. And re-pay the fee, of course.

Anyone want to get together for lunch, or coffee before all hell breaks loose again?


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Sounds like you're making good progress, and I have my fingers crossed for your plants! It's a good job I'm not in your field, the two plants on my desk are not in great shape.

I'll just pop over for a coffee then, eh?! ;-)

makita said...

You're always welcome. But I thought you drank tea! I don't mind tea. And anyway, my field is plant pathology. I'm fabulous at killing plants with microbes. They're cute little buggers.

Tara Luana said...

Congrats on making your deadline! Hang in there...

makita said...

Hi Tara,
Just barely hanging in there. AUDPC is the word of the week. Arrrgghh!