Saturday, November 1, 2008

InaDWriMo 2008

Ok, I'll be participating in InaDWriMo 2008, hosted by Brazen Hussy.

Since I already submitted the first draft, I'll be counting revised chapters. I have turned in 1 first revised chapter, 4 more to go. If and when my adviser approves the chapters (with more revisions, of course), I can send them to the rest of my committee.

Because I'm doing revisions, I think I'm going to count the revised words per chapter, so if I revise chapter 1 (see below), I will count them as 3000 revised words, and count my way up to the approximately 20,000 it'll be in total. The word count is divided up as follows:
Ch 1. Literature review, currently 4000 words
Ch 2. Experiments with RGS, currently 6000 words
Ch 3. Characterize new pathogen and more RGS experiments, currently 5000 words
Ch 4. Side project, currently 3000 words
Ch 5. Overall discussion, currently 2000 words

Until this torture is over, the progress meter will be on top of the page. I submitted the revised version of chapter 2, which accounts for the 6000 words of progress made so far.

Thanks to Sciencewoman for encouraging me to do this.

It'll be a roller coaster ride. Hang on tight!

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