Sunday, March 22, 2009

Science project

I only had a little input in F1-1's choice for a science project this year. He is going to do a project on photomorphogenesis. Because I have very little to do with the actual performing of the experiments, you probably shouldn't expect too much advanced biology here, but it's the principle of the matter that counts. He will take some boxes and grown plants with different colors of lights and assess their effect on plant development. It should at the very least result in some pretty cool pictures. Although I doubt he will end up in plant sciences, a solid founding in experimental design and the scientific approach will do him some good. As it would any other kid.


Anonymous said...

i have full spectrum uv if he wants to borrow that too.

makita said...

We're using the LEDs my boss got for his project, with very specific wavelengths. Cool, cool stuff.

Joyce said...

This sounds like a really good project! I'll be interested in hearing how it turns out.

Paul said...

It's great he's doing this! I can't think of any educational accomplishment more important for a child than to learn how science is done. If more children would learn this, not only might their lives be intellectually richer, but perhaps a great deal of confusion over pseudo-science would be cleared up.

makita said...

Hi Joyce! Hi Paul!
Thanks, I'll post updates on his progress. Sadly, my digital camera died, so pictures might be tough. And our financial situation does not allow a new camera right now. Legal fees and such.
Paul, you are so right. My son's school have been encouraging science projects, but too often get the projects that are conceived and performed by parents given higher grades than the simpler projects that are genuinely from the children.