Friday, May 4, 2007

Broken record

That's what I'm starting to sound like: vaccinate your children. Three cases of measles have been reported in Alachua County, Florida, all of which in people who were not immunized. One of the cases concerns a student at the University of Florida, who has been in contact with the Hare Krishna's providing food to students at the busy Plaza of the America's on campus. The Hare Krishna's have been asked to suspend their services for a few days to ensure no further spreading of the disease is possible. One of the other cases concerns a student of Santa Fe Community College, also in Alachua County.

The only way this outbreak was possible, is because people were not immunized, and if you live in that area, you're only at risk if you're not immunized. On the one hand, I don't want people to start panicking unnecessarily, on the other hand, I hope this has some impact on those who are trying to convince parents not to immunize their kids.

Update May 8: There are now 4 confirmed cases.

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