Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday I was peering through the weeds in my garden and look what I found:

Zucchini #1 (the smaller one of the two) weighed 3.5 lbs, while zucchini #2 was 4.1 lbs. Not bad for my first serious shot at gardening around here. I never noticed the two monsters until yesterday. Maybe I let them grow a little too much. That's enough zucchini to feed the family veggies for several weeks, and there are more where those came from!

My dear husband had some cute remarks about them that are probably not fit for a blog, but feel free to use your imagination.


knobody said...

zucchini are better tha...ahem.

i mean, thanks for the veggies. i'm not making zucchini for dinner tonight so marshall can see it and get the full effect ;).

btw: case farms opens this saturday if you want to go blueberry picking. mmmmmm MMMMMM, fresh blueberries! not that i'm sure they will be all that good with the drought and all, but we can hope.

VancouverBrit said...

That's pretty impressive! My first attempt at gardening is lagging behind yours, but I can put that down to differences in climate, right? My zucchinis aren't even visible yet, but I did eat my first home-grown produce last night - a teeny tiny radish with enough kick to knock down a barn.

knobody said...

i plan on trying one of these.