Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A communist book

One morning I took my son to his therapy session, and was sitting in the waiting room until he was done. One of the parents there was telling another parent a story.
Her son goes to public school, and her husband wants to take him out of school and home school him. The reason?

Well, one of the books of the week was called "The rainbow fish." We have some version of it too.

It's a story about a fish with shiny scales, who doesn't have any friends. Once he starts sharing his shiny scales with the other fish around him, they all become friends. Now every fish has one shiny scale, and they play happily ever after. The husband of this woman objected to the reading of this book in his son's class because it's communist. The teachers are trying to make a communist out of his son. Why should anyone want to share anything? They're his scales after all!

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (obviously a communist)
ISBN 0-7358-1299-3


knobody said...

it's only communism if the local reef shark takes rainbow fish's shiny scales away from him under penalty of becoming lunch, and gives the scales to the other fish. oh, and keeps 2/3 of the scales for himself.

hmmmm, maybe i should write a children's book...

Paul said...

Doubtless the damage is already done now and the kid is doomed to grow up to vote for godless liberals. Such a tragedy!