Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Criticism does not equal libel

According to reports, PZ and SEED are being sued for libel by the author of a book that PZ reviewed. Not by any standard does the review that PZ wrote even come close to libel (there is nothing unjust about the post, and it does nothing to the author's reputation), so I can't imagine that the author has any legal leg to stand on. It might be that this is simply a stunt (as in: any press coverage is good press coverage), but it is certainly not making it any more likely that I would buy the book.

So, this post is in support of PZ, whose blog is the first and the last one I read every day. May you write many more book reviews, PZ.

Update: Blake Stacey has a timeline, and the details.


Paul said...

I too smell a publicity stunt.

knobody said...

when we had a newspaper years ago, we had a saying, "the truth is absolute defense against libel." also, you can't be (successfully) sued for your opinions, as long as it is stated that they are opinions. hopefully this frivolous lawsuit will be quickly dismissed. but in case it's not, wanna go join the picket line outside the courthouse?

makita said...

I'll be there.