Monday, August 20, 2007

New schoolyear

This morning was the start of a new school year. An adventure for sure. With F1-1 starting middle school, and F1-2 starting Kindergarten, we have a lot of changes to deal with.

Needless to say the bus did not show up to pick up F1-2, so I had to take him in. Then quickly off to drop F1-3 at daycare, and then F1-1 to Middle School.

I think F1-2 will do well in his new class. His Kindergarten class is right next door to his pre-K clas, so it's almost like coming home. I was quite impressed to hear at the "meet-the-teacher" meeting on Friday that there are only 4 kids total in his "functional class room." Two Kindergarteners (of which F1-2 is one), and two 5th graders. They are all non-verbal, although the 5th graders are experts in using PECS. The class is lead by a teacher, two aids, and there is one intern. That makes the student-teacher ratio 1:1! Unless we move him out of the school, he will stay in the same class room through 5th grade. The focus will be on teaching him life skills like feeding himself, using the toilet, using PECS. He will also receive Physical, occupational, and speech therapy in group and individual sessions.

F1-1 did not want me to take him in, but I figured he'd be happier once he was in his home room without having to wander the halls endlessly in search of his home room. He walked several steps beside or behind me as if to say "I don't know this woman. I'm cool, and I don't need help." I tried to embarrass him as little as possible, and kept my distance.

What surprised me more than anything is how grown-up especially the 6th grade girls are. It's as if they all grew boobs over the Summer, and started wearing make-up and high heels. What happened to the little 5th grade kids I saw in the beginning of June? Will my son fit in with all these grown-ups. But I think he will do just fine. It's very interesting to watch pre-teen behavior. He ran into several kids he new and wordlessly hit his balled fist against theirs and turned his back on them without saying a word. I don't get it, but I think this must be an acceptable form of saying hello these days, because the other kids did the same thing and seemed nonplussed by my son's apparent lack of manners.

It's promising to be a very exciting year. Good luck to my both my big boys!!

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