Monday, August 13, 2007


My parent had been planning to visit me for months. When my father passed away, I convinced my mother to come anyway, which she did. She just left yesterday after a two-week visit. It was a good visit and my mother and I have never gotten along so well for such a long time. Unfortunately neither one of us felt much like doing typical vacation-style stuff.

I should have invited Knobody, her mother and father-in-law over, since they helped me out so much to get my mother's room ready on time. However, I think my mother wasn't up to meeting lots of new people and entertaining, and frankly, neither was I. We just spent a lot of time together, went out to lunch, and hung around the house. In the evenings and on the weekend she was busy with the kids, while I continued working on the construction project in the house.

I managed to get a pencil stuck in the roof of my mouth when I pulled the closet shelving system loose during install while I had the pencil in my mouth. Man, that hurt!! Of course, it was a great excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol, after all, the wound needed to be disinfected.

The only major blunder for the past two weeks was that I booked my mom on a wrong flight out of here, and instead had to drive her to another airport to make her connecting flight home on time.

My apologies go out to Knobody, her mother A., and her FIL E. I had really intended to invite everyone over, but it just never materialized. Thanks again for all the help. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Ma, thank you so much for coming. It was really good to have you here, and very therapeutic. You were great with the kids and a wonderful house guest. It was a pleasure having you and you're welcome anytime. After all, who will take F-3 aw-sci?

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knobody said...

de nada.

i had a drum stick shoved through the back of my mouth when i was four or five. very painful, but i didn't get to dull the pain like you did. it was yogurt and jello for me for a few days. ouch. i hope it heals quickly for you.

and i understand that you weren't feeling very social. it's okay. i'm just glad you got to spend some time with your mom. you get to do that so rarely. i'm glad you had a good visit.