Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where is my son?

It's promising to become an uhmm...... interesting year. In the first week of F1-1's middle school years, we've gotten three complaints about him. One e-mail: he's really charismatic and funny, but I've had to talk to him twice already about being disruptive in class. This is what F1-1's favorite teacher writes me. Now, presumably, since this teacher is his favorite, he is on his best behavior in that class. Needless to say we're not off to a good start. Then another teacher called us on Sunday to complain about his being disruptive in class and lack of organizational skills. And this teacher overheard another teacher reprimanding F1-1, and told us to expect a third call.

Since then, I've watched every move F1-1 makes, but it's a little ridiculous. When is he growing up? I've emptied his backpack with him, organized all his class folders, thought him how to use his planner appropriately, had him do extra math exercises downloaded from the internet. I have to do so much with him, I suppose I'm in Middle School too. Except I've got my hormones under control, whereas F1-1's are starting to kick into full gear. Last week he came to show me his mustache, which, he claimed, needed shaving.

Yesterday went better (or so he says). Hopefully today will be better too. There is a bright spot at the horizon though. F1-1 has always hated reading. But two days ago he requested a novel for reading. The Da Vinci Code is not exactly written to 11-year olds, and my dear husband P1, was skeptical. I checked it out of the library for him, and he immediately read the first 3 chapters. Then, last night, when he was supposed to be asleep, I went into his room because the light was on. And he was still reading! Huh? Someone help! They stole my kid and replaced him with a fake!! I suppose that might explain the good behavior in school too.

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knobody said...

i've seen his hair. his "moustache" is the least of his follicular concerns ;). *snicker*

yeah, i'm allowed to laugh now. you'll get your turn in five or six years.