Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election night was good for me

Few could have imagined the impact it had on my productivity. Although I was a bit distracted by the tv, and wanting to check on election results, it did make me stay up late enough to finish the second draft of chapter 3. The counter will be updated appropriately. It turned out to be an additional 500 words, so I'll update the total number of words too, so as not to give myself an unfair advantage.

No celebration for me though, I have to move on immediately to the next one.

Also, of course, I have to eat my own words. More than a year ago, I claimed that if the US even had to ask whether they were ready for a black president, they weren't. Little did I realize that Barack Obama would fight the uphill battle, and aided by some bad choices by McCain, but most importantly (I think) by inspiring a new generation of voters, would win this battle. He fought a hard fight, and his win was well-deserved. I don't envy him his position to try and fix the damage of the last 8 years, and the enormous task to be everyone's president. He sure has poise, charisma, and the will the do just that. Time will tell.

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