Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tasks ahead

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. Twelve hours after I submitted, and I'm still running on no sleep and lots of caffeine. I killed even more trees today and printed out 3 copies of my dissertation to hand out to committee members. It's not over yet. I'm starting a new counter to keep track of the tasks at hand. I think I will keep this on top for a while, so I can amend as necessary.

1. Finish statistical analysis
2. Add to chapter 3 results section and discuss
3. Maintain cultures
4. Check reference list
5. Check buffering capacity of medium
6. Schedule exit seminar
7. Reserve room for seminar
8. Prepare mini version of exit seminar for defense day
9. Prepare exit seminar
10. Work more on chapter 4, topic 1
11. Work more on chapter 4, topic 2
12. Add in table for chapter 3
13. Get paperwork together for employment authorization
14. Organize defense date (coffee and stuff)
15. Ask hubby to help pick out clothes for defense and exit seminar
16. Buy shoes for F1-2 who is getting a brand new brace for his leg
17. Start job hunting
18. Incorporate committee members comments
19. Convert dissertation to pdf with Acrobat ("save as pdf" is unacceptable)
20. Submit final dissertation
21. Update CV
22. Defend dissertation

All this needs to be done by the end of the month. So I can guess I'm still in the running for InaDWriMo 2008, with adjusted goals.


ScienceWoman said...

Just catching up now Makita. Congrats on finishing the diss. This might all seem like a blur right now, but a couple of weeks from now... At some point, you'll be able to say "Yup. PhD. Check that 'Done.'" And that'll be an awesome feeling.

FWIW, I'd give the job hunting thing a break for the next few weeks. You don't need one more thing to stress about.

makita said...

Hi SW,
Thank you so much. A blur it is indeed. I'm afraid that as a non-resident alien I don't have the luxury of waiting with the job hunt. After I graduate I have a short grace period and then I have to pack my bags an go if I don't have employment. With a hubby and 3 kids, that's not desirable.