Monday, November 10, 2008

InaDWriMo 2008 Update

I underestimated the number of words of this dissertation. It'll be at least 30k, so the progress meter will be updated. On the bright side, I've done a good chunk already. On the not so bright side, chapters 1-3 are about to go into the 3rd round of revisions. The second round of Chapter 4 revisions still needs to be submitted. All 3rd round submissions need to be complete by November 14 at the very latest.

I have been working very hard, but very productively, so a pat on the back for me.


ScienceWoman said...

Woohoo! It sounds like you are making real progress! Keep up the good work!
Yay! Pom-poms and cheerleaders! :)

makita said...

Thanks SC. No time for cheerleading yet, but if all goes well, this torture will be over in a few weeks. I have to get one more round of revisions in by the end of the week.