Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cool toy

Hey, there is this really cool toy that I want to try out. I can write sentences in Hindi, even though I can't speak a single word of the language. I want to play!!

हे, तेरे इस थिस रेअल्ल्य कूल तोय ठाट ई वांट तो त्रय आउट। ई कैन राइट सेंतेंसस इन हिंदी, एवें थौघ ई कैन'त स्पाक अ सिंगल वर्ड ऑफ़ थे लंगुअगे। ई वांट तो प्लय!!


knobody said...

well, it's not babelfish. so, where'd you get the translator?

makita said...

It's a new "blogger" feature. It types hindi script if you type it phonetically in English.