Friday, April 6, 2007

Theocracy and abortion

Reasons for banning abortion are of a religious nature. When legislature makes laws based on religous principles, there's guaranteed to be trouble. Religious dogma is not very well thought out. In this case, numerous lives are ruined as a result of backwards theocratic actions.

In my opinion:
1. Every child should be desired, wanted, and welcome in this world.
2. If the mother wants an abortion, it is a necessary procedure.

As a mother of three myself this hits close to home. Why would legislature have anything to say about whether or not I can have an abortion? The mother is the one to have to carry the child. She is deprived of income for having to take time off to have the baby. She needs to buy diapers, feed the child, get up in the night, take care of a sick child, take it in to the doctor, take it to school. She needs to purchase clothing, pay for daycare, schooling, and deal with puberty.

What is the point of having an unwanted child who is going to grow up miserable? Anti-abortionists protest loudly if a mother wants to have an abortion, but what are they willing to do once the child is born? Suddenly the child's life is worth a lot less. No one is willing to pick up medical costs, especially ap roblem if the child has special needs. When the child was born to a drug-addicted mother, chances of this are even higher.

Paying a mother $500 not to have an abortion, is of course madness. The $500 does not even cover her cost for food during pregnancy. This bribe would appeal very much to drug-addicts, resulting in even more kids born with challenges.

A few months ago, I met a teenager whose mother was a drug-addict, so he was placed with his grandmother after numerous foster homes failed. He was mistreated in a number of the foster homes. I met him after he had been placed with his grandmother. It was very obvious that the grandmother was addicted to drugs (crack cocaine maybe?). She hit the kid, yelled at him, curse at him, and was paranoid. If he so much as looked at her, she started yelling that he was stealing from her, and that he hit her. She did not think it was necessary for him to go to school. The poor kid. He seemed to be a good enough kid, but how can you possibly turn out right having to live in an environment like that. A few days after I met him, he was sent back to his mother. I wonder what his life is like now.

There are so many children alive right now who need our help. The world is already overpopulated, why don't we take better care of the children that are already born, instead of trying to increase the number of unwanted children that we simply cannot take care of?

Theocracy is the cause of suffering of many children who otherwise might have been aborted. Sometimes is better to have no life at all, than to have to live in the cruel world.



Thorne said...

Good thoughts on an important topic. Thank you for this.

Coffee Messiah said...

Well said and in total agreement!

DivaJood said...

Welcome to the blog world, and an excellent post. I agree completely.

knobody said...

Reasons for banning abortion are of a religious nature.

i agree with your post except for this one point. while many (most?) people in this country get their moral compass from their religious indoctrination, god is not a requirement for determining that abortion is wrong.

an embryo is alive, not independently, but it is alive. a human embryo is human, at least in some senses of the word. humans have rights, including the right not to be killed (i think we can ignore capital punishment in the case of an embryo). none of these statements requires a god or religion.

makita said...

The point of my post, however, is that simply maintaining an anti-abortion stance should not end once the mother does not abort. The child gets born and needs to be taken care of for the rest of his/her life. Who will take responsibility for them? If they just end up in jail or the electric chair again, because they did not grow up in the right environment, have you really done them a service. Care of an unborn baby does not end once the decision not to abort is made.

Although I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control, that is to my mind obviously unethical, I do think that every mother should have the right to decide whether she is able, and willing to have the child and take responsiblity for it (whether raising it herself, or putting it up for adoption).

knobody said...

an interesting story told to me by a friend of a couple who followed through, as you would have them do, after the birth:

an older couple convinced a young woman to not have an abortion. they told her that they would adopt the child. true to their word, they did. unfortunately for them she had triplets. now they are an older couple, running out of energy, and raising three young children at once. almost enough to make you think twice about that intelligent designer stuff. almost. :)

makita said...

Yep, I hear you! Luckily for the mother the older couple still decided to keep the babies. What if they hadn't? Can you imagine the life the kids would have had? My opinion can really be summed up in one sentence: "every child should be a welcome, desired child." An unwelcome child will have a huge disadvantage right from the start.