Monday, April 30, 2007


This year (2007) has been declared the Year of the Dolphin by the United Nations, and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Sadly, another gruesome video today. This link is one sent to me a while ago, and is one of the reasons I wanted to start my own blog. It is most definitely not for the weak of heart! I do not entirely agree with the commentary at the end of the video that blames the Japanese government exclusively for this cruelty to dolphins. The consumers are also to blame. The public is allowing it to continue too. In addition, this probably generates a not so insignificant part of their GDP.

Yes, I have been to a slaughterhouse, and yes, I have seen an innocent cow being shot to death, and cut apart for its meat. There is something much more vicious, cruel, and inhumane in this video than that though. The cow I saw getting killed was dead in an instant, and if had not been, he would have been shot a second time. Is it really necessary to let the dolphins bleed and slowly suffocate like that? Is there no better way of doing this?

I was also sent a link with a petition to sign. I did not sign the petition, because I think there is more to this than just blaming the Japanese government, but more than a million people seem to disagree with me and have signed it.
The picture below was created by Erik Christensen; edited by Jack Rockley, and taken from:

Harpoon and drive hunts are not limited to Japan. This picture was taken on the Faroe Islands.

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