Thursday, April 12, 2007

It means "STOP"

... and not "I can just squeeze by." I'm talking about the red light on top of the yellow and green ones of the traffic signal.

Recently I was driving by a car accident, when I noticed an acquaintance of mine standing by his wrecked car on the road. I stopped to make sure he was ok, and to see if I could do anything to help. He got hit by a car running the traffic light, confirmed by several witnesses who stayed behind to relate this to the police.

It only takes a few minutes to wait for the next green light. But it takes much longer for the wreckage of your car and yourself to be cleaned up from the road. It doesn't make any sense to run the light. It is not only very rude, but bloody inconvenient for you and the driver you're hitting, not to speak of the danger. Your turn was when the light was green, if it's red, it's someone else's turn. I didn't think that is so tough to understand.


knobody said...

It only takes a few minutes to wait for the next green light.

unless the baby is crying again. then it takes hours for the light to change. i think they can hear.

makita said...

But is it really worth killing someone over. And if you do quickly run the red light and get in an accident, you're stuck there for hours afterwards. What will you do with the baby then?

knobody said...

i never said you shouldn't wait for the light to turn green. just commenting on how long it takes to turn green depends on the circumstances. from a sign that used to be in my in-laws bathroom, "remember, how long a minute is depends on which side of the door you are on."

Bronze Dog said...

I had a brush with one of those people a couple weeks back. Nearly clipped off the front of my car, and I was making a left turn: I had time to slowly cross two lanes at the time he ran the light.