Monday, April 30, 2007

Vaccinate your children

When F1-2 was tentatively diagnosed with autism 4 years ago, I encountered the argument that mercury in vaccines was a contributing factor (in addition to the argument that gluten/casein sensitivities were). I read articles, surfed the web, contacted the local autism center and got more information. I decided that there was no evidence that mercury had anything to do with autism. And even if there was just the minutest of changes, the risks involved in not properly immunizing my child were much, much greater. I went ahead and F1-2 received all his immunizations as scheduled. F1-3 was born 3 years later, and received all of hers too. Here is a painful reminder of what life was like before there were immunizations. This is *not* for the weak of heart. Yes, as with any medical procedures there are risks involved in having your child vaccinated. However, autism is not one of them. And the benefits far, far outweigh the risks. In addition, every child that is not immunized out there, increases the risk of new outbreaks. Scary, scary stuff.

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